Several intriguing movies are now in production with music director Thaman. Although devi sri prasad also had success with the film Waltair Veerayya, Thaman is currently in charge. But one specific component of Thaman's public appearances is becoming a social media sensation. Thaman has only recently begun appearing in public for a movie's release. Following the success of Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo, Thaman actively started to make himself available for marketing. He is extolling the virtues of every performer he has collaborated with at this time.

For instance, balakrishna was compared to lord siva by Thaman while he was working for Akhanda. Later, Thaman lauded balayya to the skies while working for Veera simha Reddy. Thaman broke down in tears and said that he dedicated his entire life to Vijay's Varisu. On the other side, Thaman hyped SSMB28 in a recent interview, claiming that he had been waiting to work on the movie for a while and that the audio album will leave everyone in awe. Thaman also mentioned RC15, noting that shankar has excellent musical sense.

By stating that they are his favourite heroes, Thaman is lavishing admiration on all the heroes he is working with. Even if it's being trolling on social media, the famous music composer doesn't seem to care. The technicians frequently have to give the project's star accolades, and this practise has been in the film industry for many years. Despite the criticism, Thaman is not caving in to the teasing and is instead concentrating on his objectives.

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