Suhas' performance in Colour Photo, which won the National Award, demonstrated his talent as a leading man. He is simultaneously playing characters and performing in roles similar to those he played in Hit 2. With writer Padmabhushan, he has returned in the role of the principal actor. In contrast to Colour Photo, which was only available on OTT, writer Padambhushan is being released in theatres. suhas finds this to be novel and exciting. Prior to the film's release, the premieres were well viewed and generated a respectable amount of buzz.

A great emotional story was built around a very limited plot premise by writer-director Shanmukha Prasanth. He made sure there is sufficient drama to sustain it. Although the screenplay is dull, it has a suspenseful element that moves the tale along. The songs of Shekar Chandra and the background music go well together. The calming music of Kannullo Nee Roopame. The editing is clear.

It is not the typical commercial movie that one sees. Without a doubt, the logic is likewise flawed. Despite all of its flaws, writer is acceptable in terms of emotions and concept. Its soul is present, which distinguishes it from other movies. While it doesn't quite work, it also doesn't fall short.

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