Currently receiving care at a private hospital in Bangalore is Nandamuri Taraka Ratna. Taraka Ratna's health is stable right now, and he's getting better. Taraka Ratna, however, is receiving particular attention from Balakrishna. Today, ambika Lakshmi Narayana, the leader of the Hindupur tdp, provided an update on Taraka Ratna's health. He made a suggestion that the actor might be sent elsewhere.

The doctors conducted a vital brain scan on Taraka Ratna, and the results will be used to determine the patient's future course of treatment. In order to provide Taraka Ratna with better care, the family is preparing to relocate him abroad. During Taraka Ratna's participation in Nara Lokesh's padayatra, he experienced a sudden heart arrest. He was taken immediately to a private hospital in kuppam after going into cardiac arrest, and then to Narayana Hrudayalaya in Bangalore.

The rest of Taraka Ratna's body functions normally. Doctors repeated their heart and brain exams. The results of the brain exam have prompted Taraka Ratna's family to consider moving her abroad for better care. lakshmi Narayana, a tdp legislator from Hindupur, is informed about the health status by Balakrishna, who is personally keeping an eye on it.

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