The failure of the I-PAC team, as opposed to jagan, who is obviously very occupied with administration and other concerns, is shown in the way figures like kotamreddy sridhar reddy and Anam Ramanaryana reddy have publicly agitated against the party. The I-PAC team ought to concentrate on the locations where a party uprising might occur and how that might harm the party's chances in the upcoming elections.

Regrettably, jagan also seems to be depending less on his own party intelligence network and more on the I-PAC team and a few advisors. According to a party source, "Jagan is also operating in a traditional bureaucratic style" by dealing with regional coordinators, using a cluster method, and appointing coordinators at the village secretariat level.

In actuality, the regional coordinators are in charge of coordinating party activities and resolving any disputes that may arise among district party leaders. However, the I-PAC teams have dismantled the entire party apparatus and are using their own methods to run things. According to a source, local party officials no longer communicate with the actual state leadership since the I-PAC is serving as the de facto party leadership now.

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