On february 6, kiara advani and sidharth malhotra will wed in Jaisalmer, and they have already arrived at the location with their families for the pre-wedding festivities. Prior to their wedding, the creator of BharatPe, Ashneer Grover, and kiara had drawn notice thanks to an old tweet from a netizen.

According to the tweet, Grover revealed in his autobiography Doglapan that the actress kabir singh nearly caused him to file for divorce from his wife Madhuri. Screenshots of the pages where Ashneer described an occurrence are included in the tweet. According to the book, Ashneer met a friend who had just launched a new business. The two started talking about the latter's upcoming nuptials. Grover claimed that his pal had encountered a celebrity matchmaker by the name of Sima Taparia. Also disclosed by the friend: kiara advani is his perfect partner. Grover recalled his mother's conversation in relation to this.

Grover admitted that when his mother tried to make him act foolish, he remarked, "Market mein aaj kal kya chal raha hai, aap ko pata nahi hai. You don't know what's going on in the market right now, kiara advani says in her song "Aaj ke din shaadi ho rahi hoti." I might wed kiara advani if I were to get married right now ". madhuri was upset by this information, and she avoided him for a while. Ashneer poked madhuri on their flight, causing her to lash out at him. You wish to marry kiara advani, her wife cried, "Tumhe kiara advani se shaadi karni hai."

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