Despite the fact that they are both mega heroes, ram charan and pawan kalyan fans have been engaged in fan fights for the past two days. This struggle has now taken the most horrific turn that words cannot describe. ram charan doesn't have his own local fan base, according to pawan kalyan supporters. If not for them, no one would show out to hang banners or mark the debut of ram Charan's movies. ram charan has no stardom of his own; PK fans only follow him because he is Chiranjeevi's son and occasionally expresses support for Jana Sena.

Fans of ram charan, on the other side, claim that Pawan Kalyan's rise to fame was made possible by Chiranjeevi. They claim that pawan kalyan is a loser, with the exception of a small group of idiots who identify as PK cults, as evidenced by the Jana Sena party's embarrassing defeat in the 2019 elections. They claim that pawan kalyan is to blame for the decrease in the brand value of the Mega family. These fan battles currently take place on Twitter. On social media, the filmed films of these places are gaining popularity. Any rational individual cannot watch these videos when surrounded by other people because they are so repulsive.

The majority of these supporters from both sides enter the area intoxicated. They have abandoned all morals and decency and have no qualms about mistreating the families of ram charan and pawan kalyan in addition to each other. Both fandoms should understand that by battling in such a filthy manner, they are just embarrassing and dishonouring their favourite celebrities.

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