Did Surya's father insult that director..!?

The information that has been released that Sivakumar, the father of surya, sent a senior director who asked for Surya's call sheet and sent him to the house, has caused a sensation. Apart from movies, he has also acted in some important serials. Lately, though he has not acted in films now, he has been doing yoga, painting, and supporting his sons' charity projects. Both Suriya and Karthi, who have never been involved in any big controversy in the film world, have made a name for themselves as the children of television. Apart from choosing and acting, surya is educating more than a thousand children through his Agaram Foundation. It has been a highly respected art family. In this situation, when the director Jayabharathi, who has directed exemplary films in tamil, came to tell the story to surya, the legendary actor Sivakumar sent him away with inappropriate words.Director Jayabharathi made his directorial debut with the 1979 film Kudisai. Following this, he directed many realistic films like Oomai Janalgal, Nanba Nanba, and Kurushiyatram. director Jayabharathi, who wanted new and compelling stories in tamil cinema, said that if he acted in his films, his son's career in the film industry might become a question mark.

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