A few days ago, filmmaker harish shankar declared outright that Pawan Kalyan's fans had offended him somewhat and that as a result, he would no longer be sharing any updates on his movie with Powerstar. Then Jr. ntr appeared, advising fans to refrain from regularly asking about #NTR30 or updates from any star heroes since it puts undue strain on the actors, directors, and producers. The conversation is about to begin.

Fans will reportedly be pleased if these directors, producers, and their favourite actors provide frequent updates about a forthcoming movie. However, many are questioning whether harish shankar and Jr. ntr are right and making logic after they harshly condemned the followers. If we have to mention, both Harish and ntr have generally made a reasonable comment.

In terms of the substance that their heroes should create, fans these days are prescribing too much. They urged prabhas to drop the Maruthi project, pawan kalyan to abstain from the Theri remake, and many other things. Then they advise megastar chiru not to do another remake while also requesting that Mahesh take Thaman out of #SSMB28. If those celebrities approached the public for advice as opposed to making creative decisions and speculating on what will perform well at the box office, they would not be in that predicament.

If fans don't stop talking about these issues, more and more celebrities will undoubtedly provide them similar counsel along the lines of Jr. ntr and Harish Shankar. What do you think, everyone?

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