'I have never seen someone as bad as Kamal'.!?

Thaadi balaji, who made his debut as a comedian in cinema, is now settled in Vijay TV. From time to time he appears in the comedy programs that are aired on it. In this case, his ex-wife Nithya made an offensive speech against Kamal has caused shock among the fans. Thaadi balaji has a wife named Nitya and a daughter. The couple, who have been living separately for the past few years, occasionally stir up some kind of controversy and feed social media. Moreover, Nithya created a sensation by publishing many scandals about Thaadi Balaji.
Because of that, she got a chance to participate in the show Bigg Boss. The channel management took many efforts to keep this couple who were fighting there as well. But Nithya was firm in her decision. Apart from that, she also slandered Kamal, who negotiated a compromise to bring them together. This has caused severe criticism and now she has once again pissed off Kamal. Nithya, who spoke about this on a channel over the phone, said that she had never seen someone as bad as Kamal in this world. Don't make her talk, she knows a lot about him.The fans who heard her speech are saying that she is very strict and she doesn't know how to raise her daughter properly. Earlier, Nithya had posted videos like reels with her daughter on social media. Many criticized this. But Nithya was responding to all of them in her own style.After that, there was no controversy about her for a few days. In this case, recently she had a fight with the resident of the house opposite her house and she broke the car window which created a stir. Nithya, who was arrested for that, was later released on bail. She who is constantly getting into one or the other controversy has now laid the foundation for the next controversy by talking about Kamal.

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