Following a day spent with his wife Upasana on their babymoon ram charan, who has consecutive gigs in the US, has settled back into a rhythm in LA. The actor from rrr took part in Chat Easy with sam Fragoso, another interview with an American television network. ram charan spoke a wide range of topics, including Naatu Naatu, the Oscars, his rrr, Rajamouli, and even his speculated hollywood debut.

In reference to Rajamouli, ram charan stated that the nicest compliment one could ever receive following a shot was "good" while filming for Rajamouli's movie. He also highlights that if an actor is unable to comprehend the thoughts of a director, they have not grown or achieved anything. ram charan has stated that he would like to act in movies in any nation that values excellent cinema. He also disclosed that his hollywood debut will be announced in a few months and that negotiations are already ongoing.

The rrr star revealed that he likes Julia Robers so much, that he would love to perform even a guest appearance in her film. ram charan previously responded, "I don't know whether I will ever be ready for the Oscars," when asked if he is ready for the ceremony. I am both anxious and enthusiastic. I'm not sure if I'll enter the red carpet as an actor or a fanboy. everyone I've watched since I was a child. I won't mention them, but I'm really looking forward to seeing Cate Blanchett and tom Cruise at this year's Oscars! Up until today, I have watched him in Top Gun. He is extraordinary.

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