Power Star Mega RRR, ram Charan's action movie, helped him become a household name. RRR, which was directed by SS Rajamouli, went on to become a worldwide hit and garnered numerous major accolades. Also, it helped ram charan and Jr. NTR, the major actors, gain international recognition. Questions concerning Charan and NTR's hollywood debut have been raised ever since they made appearances at numerous hollywood productions and award ceremonies. ram charan finally discussed his foray into Hollywood.

Ram Charan disclosed that he is in negotiations for a hollywood film during an interview with sam Fragoso on his radio show. He claimed that the conversations will soon turn into a movie, and that a formal announcement may be made in a few months. Moreover, Charan stated that he hopes to collaborate with hollywood actors like Brad Pitt, tom Cruise, and Julia Roberts. Fans are currently very enthusiastic about Charan's debut in Hollywood.

Charan is currently getting ready for the oscar ceremony, where RRR's Naatu Naatu is competing for Best Original Song. ram charan also discussed his father Chiranjeevi's fan greeting style. He stated: "Waltair Veerayya's zoom session was broadcast to me. Every time I put my all into something, my father (Chiranjeevi) outsmarts me by thinking one step ahead. Off-screen, he connects with his followers in a fantastic way. I want him to give me some breathing room so I can catch up, but it's hard to do so given how much he enjoys getting to know everyone of you. I hope everyone is using Zoom, a brand-new platform for communicating with followers."

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