Ever since the trailer of dasara was released, there is a comment going everywhere that the looks of the film are resembling pushpa including Nani's getup while the storyline is appearing like a Rangasthalam. On tuesday night during the trailer launch in Lucknow, members of the bollywood media were ready to raise this issue.

Natural Star is forced to react when questioned if the appearance of nani in dasara was influenced by pushpa, as bollywood people made the film a major $200+ crore smash there. "No, there is nothing in dasara that is comparable to pushpa other from the hair, baniyan, and lungi. After dasara is released, you will continue to refer to someone's appearance as having the dasara look, nani stated, showing great confidence in the movie's outcome.

While answering to a Criticism that telugu and South films are actually taking over bollywood, nani replied, "Back then when I'm a kid, many of hindi films used to release in Hyderabad. And now that telugu movies are being released in the North, the equation is being balanced. Yeah, that's a really good response. Yet, we must wait to see how the North audience will respond to Dasara.

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