Rana Naidu, a crime drama web series created by venkatesh and Rana Daggibati, has been making news lately. For a family-friendly star like venkatesh, the film's daring and explicit content is shocking and entirely unexpected, and it is causing discussion both online and offline. Whether for good or bad reasons, every actor or director wants his or her movie to be talked about. Notwithstanding all the criticism, Rana Naidu has succeeded in his goal of being a hot topic of conversation.

Sailesh Kolanu, who is famous for his HIT songs, is being approached by venkatesh and Saindhav. The audience responded well to the movie's first peek teaser. Now the popularity of Rana Naidu is likely to help Saindhav in creating some more excitement, as the public would be interested to know what venkatesh can deliver in his next after startling them with Rana Naidu.

It remains to be seen if venkatesh will maintain his new image as a very cool, I-care-a-damn attitude guy or if he will go back to his goody-goody image of a family-friendly hero. He already got brickbats for some vulgar words and profanity usage in the recent Netflix series which took him on backfoot. 

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