Both well-made and scary, Palm Trees and Power Lines is a great movie. One will be kept on the edge of their seat by Jamie Dack's (Horizon Diner) complete control and understated velocity in her 2018 short. The performance is excellent throughout, but the film is brought to life by rookie Lily McNerney, whose duelling with seasoned character actor Johnathan Tucker (The Virgin Suicides) is remarkable. Although there isn't much music in Palm Trees and Power Lines, every scene pops off the screen. Although the script appears to be going slowly, it is actually travelling at the speed of light. Along with the conflicting main performances, the juxtaposition of these elements creates an incredible internal tension that permeates every aspect of the plot.

Lea (McLnerny) is sick of living in her little town and despises her pals. Even her mother Sandra (Gretchen Mol) isn't having much success finding love. Lea alternates between criticising her mother and detesting the person she is having sex with. Worst of all, Lea can hardly generate the will to believe in love since it seems so far away. That is, until tom, who is attractive but pushy, catches her dining and dashing and saves her (Tucker). At initially, their friendship is platonic, but Lea quickly learns that she should keep her feelings for tom to herself. Lea and tom flee to seek out a new life once their secret is known and they have nothing left to hide. Yet what she receives is hardly a fairy tale. What was platonic before has become sexual, and what was an adventure before has become a work.

In Palm Trees and Power Lines, Mclnerny makes a subdued yet captivating turn. When the two come together, it is the perfect combination because the young actress is so emotionally evocative in her stillness and the script is so devoid of words. McLnerny is remarkable in the manner that he gives shyness strength. The movie's subject matter is guaranteed to make viewers wince, and when one is at their most vulnerable, McInerny takes them to a terrifying horror movie that will have them covering their eyes. Both women are equally responsible for Palm Trees and Power Lines' captivating tone, and Dack's direction comes across as seamless.

There is no score in Palm Trees and Power Lines. The movie's central theme is the grooming of young ladies, and one can choose to dwell with that idea in quiet. The spectator rarely has the impression that any character is safe. Even Tucker, who is supposed to be the antagonist, exudes bare vulnerability. It is unsettling, provocative, and thought-provoking to read Palm Trees and electricity Lines. Everything from the sound design to the main performance gives a sense of inevitability that is more of a cautionary tale than it is didactic. It doesn't feel like melodrama, which is why the story's simplicity is what makes it so frightening.

You will be broken, put back together, and then asked in the creepiest voice possible if you're okay by Palm Trees And Power Lines.

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