Rythu, krishna Vamsi's abandoned project, is about to get a second chance. Nandamuri balakrishna was expected to premiere the movie. But, project was abandoned after amitabh bachchan declined to endorse it for a key part. balayya had a requirement that he would only work on the movie provided amitabh agreed to star. KV is currently developing the movie with additional actors after it was shelved. The search for the main cast is still ongoing.

Madhu, who also worked with krishna Vamsi to develop Rangamarthanda, will produce Rythu. Although many producers want to work with krishna Vamsi, he prefers to work with the Rangamarthanda producers since they supported him when he was at his worst. The movie could have a different name. One such title under consideration is Annam. The full facts have not yet been revealed.

Krishna Vamsi, who previously appeared in the Marathi film Natasamrat, is now back with Rangamarthanda. On the eve of Ugadi, march 22, the movie, which stars Prakash Raj, ramya krishna, and brahmanandam in significant parts, will be released. The movie has a respectable buzz, and movie MAKERS' target='_blank' title='mythri movie makers-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>mythri movie makers is handling distribution. Let's see what Vamsi's return has in store.

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