Poonam Pandey became a victim of the oops moment in a deep-neck dress, trolls said 'Why do you wear such clothes

Poonam Pandey appeared in a stylish dress every time, but she became a victim of an oops moment because of this dress.

Actress and social media sensation poonam pandey remains in the headlines due to her bold avatar. She remains very active on social media and is seen sharing hot photoshoots and videos every day to stay in discussions among fans. At the same time, recently poonam pandey has become a victim of Oops Moment due to one of her revealing dresses. One of her videos is becoming very viral on the Internet, in which many trolls have fallen behind the actress

Recently poonam pandey has been spotted by paparazzi outside a clothing store. During this, she got out of the car wearing a jumpsuit. Her pink jumpsuit was deep-necked and Poonam started posing as soon as she came in front of the camera. During this, Poonam looked uncomfortable with the deep neck of the dress. The dress started slipping from her shoulder but Poonam somehow held her hand and fixed it. She was seen fixing her dress again and again in front of the camera. watch this video of Poonam 

Many people have seen Poonam as beautiful and stylish in this video, but the trolls on social media have also started targeting her. Commenting on the video, a troll wrote- 'Why do you wear such clothes, which make you feel uncomfortable wearing it'. Many have called Poonam another alias. Earlier, poonam pandey was in the headlines because of her instagram video, in which she was seen wearing an open top from the back

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