All of Nani's comments in recent years, particularly those made during the marketing of the film Dasara, have drawn a lot of attention. Particularly, he is receiving vicious trolls for preparing to distribute the movie in five languages while continuing to deny that it is a pan-Indian picture and for making comments about other matters pertaining to the film industry.

When asked by why he took the risk of working with a newbie on a pan-Indian film, nani responded that even those directors, like Sukumar, who crafted Pushpa, are newcomers in the other four indian languages than Telugu.
 He has since clarified, saying, "My intention is not to disparage sukumar garu, but I have stated that when he made Pushpa, he was a newcomer in other languages besides Telugu, just like how my director is a newcomer even in Telugu." That may please the actor's supporters, but logic-loving moviegoers won't be pleased.

Sukumar may have been a newcomer to Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and kannada speakers at the time of "Pushpa," but in Telugu, he is a legend with numerous blockbusters to his credit. nani won't concede that comparing sukumar with newcomer srikanth Odela is, on any level, dull.

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