On march 30, Nani's dasara is scheduled to premiere on television. The movie is being persistently promoted by nani and Keerthy Suresh. Dasara's expectations have undoubtedly increased as a result of Nani's aggressive promotion strategies and faith in the concept.
 A list of Dasara's changes and cuts that were recommended by the censor board leaked online amid the publicity and advertising.

The fans began to decode each correction according to their own preferences. One of those omissions is being discussed on social media as one of the story's pivotal turns. It is said that the film's particularly gory moment is the one that unexpectedly changes the course of the entire narrative. The majority of the other excisions, which are plentiful, focus on abuse and profanity.

It must be seen whether the aforementioned "shot" in the film has a significant impact and is a genuine twist. However, if we are to believe Nani's trust in the movie and its outcome, Dasara's twists and turns should be impossible to foresee! Fans are eager to see another commercial film due to South cinema's rising popularity, and nani is prepared to occupy them with Dasara. The actor is currently busy promoting the movie, in which Keerthy suresh plays the lead role. Although there is a lot of excitement surrounding the movie's debut, many also contrast it with prior superhits like Yash's kgf and Allu Arjun's Pushpa.

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