Dasara, the most anticipated telugu film of the year, now has a trailer online. The film is srikanth Odela's directorial debut and features nani in a brand-new role. Odela also wrote the screenplay. The film is scheduled for release on march 30 with a U/A certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification after all censor requirements have been completed.

The movie, however, has undergone 36 cuts, some of which include the removal of specific audio, language, and subtitles as well as the muted use of expletives in a few instances. Along with co-stars Keerty suresh and Shine tom Chacko, nani is promoting the pan-Indian film. nani just announced on social media that the film's running time is 2 hours and 36 minutes. There are lots of cuss words and obscene language as well.

He described his accessible on-screen persona as his key selling point in an interview with press Trust of India, adding, "I seem like a person they know in their life, he might be someone in their family or is a friend, and doesn't look from the screen or somebody from another world. My unique selling point is the way I look like one of them.

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