According to rumors, Nayanthara will appear in "Jawaan," her upcoming movie with Shah Rukh Khan, wearing a bikini. There will be a holiday sequence in the film that is similar to Pathaan, where the actress would dress in beachwear similar to deepika Padukone. Fans are excited to see Nayanthara in a bikini again after her roles in "Billa" and "Vallavan," despite the fact that these rumours have not yet been substantiated.

The eagerly awaited Atlee-helmed film, which stars SRK, was initially slated to hit theatres on june 2. The release, according to current sources, may have been postponed until October. Nayanthara, who will next be seen with Shah Rukh Khan in "Jawaan," is said to be wearing a bikini in the movie. The actress would reportedly appear in a holiday sequence similar to the one in Pathaan where deepika padukone wore a bikini.

Fans are eager to see Nayanthara in beachwear after "Billa" and "Vallavan," despite the reports not being confirmed just yet. The eagerly awaited Atlee-directed SRK film was originally slated for release on june 2, but according to new sources, the release date has been moved to October.

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