One of the most competitive times for the film business in South india is during the Sankranthi season, when a number of blockbuster movies compete for viewers' attention and box office receipts. The anticipation for Mahesh Babu's forthcoming trivikram film, which will be released in 2024, has already started. While SSMB28 will premiere on january 13, ProjectK, starring Prabhas, will premiere on january 12, 2024. 

A well-known portal has used social media to find out how interested people are in the next box office competition. Both of the poll's highly anticipated releases, SSMB28 by mahesh babu and ProjectK by Prabhas, are up for vote. Despite having no official title, SSMB28 has already generated a lot of attention because to the star power of its leading man and the director's pedigree.

However, due to its original idea and Nag Ashwin's direction, ProjectK has already sparked a lot of interest. Fans of both actors have flooded the poll with votes, as was to be expected, each supporting their preferred actor. With 55% of the votes cast thus far, SSMB28 has a slim lead in the results, although it is unclear whether this trend will hold. Fans have expressed a lot of excitement and interest in the vote, and everyone is looking forward to the results. The actual test of a project's success will ultimately be at the box office, where the movies will compete for supremacy during the much awaited Sankranthi season.

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