The conflict and disagreements between the Manchu brothers have gained a lot of attention on social media and TV. A video featuring manchu vishnu and Manoj's voice warning Manchu Manoj's fans has recently gone viral online. Manchu Manoj has appeared in the media for the first time amid all of this. Manoj was present for the puja ceremony for Meghamsh, Sreehari's latest film.

Manoj refused to provide a frank and honest response when the media questioned him about the entire affair and whether there had been a fight between the brothers or it was all just a joke. On the hot matter, Manoj said nothing further in detail. He simply stated that watching movies is his top priority and his way of life. "I live for movies. I live for my audiences. I'm returning to the theatre. I need your kind thoughts and assistance. I've started a new life and I need all of your prayers," a tearful Manchu Manoj remarked.

Manoj claimed that the media knows more about the video and his conflict with his brother vishnu than he does when pressed about it. On the contentious video that went viral online, Manoj stated, "You (the media) know better than I do." Manoj released a statement in the meantime regarding his next film. In the first week of April, he promised, there would be a formal announcement on the movie. Manoj said that the filming of his future movie, "What The Fish," starts concurrently.


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