The distribution of the Global Star title has generated a great deal of debate. The outcome of a competition between ntr and ram charan fans was hotly contested online. ram charan was eventually given the title, and numerous posters with his name preceded by "Global Star" were made public. ram charan turned 40 yesterday, and from now on he will be referred to as the Global Star.

Reputable international directors like Steven Spielberg and james cameron declared that they had seen the movie rrr when it made a splash during its oscar campaign. Both actors were motivated to win a distinctive and ground-breaking title in the indian film business as a result. Unquestionably, being a Global Star is a special distinction. However, NTR's supporters shouldn't worry. If not the Global Star, he might be linked to the "Universal Star," which is something even more significant.

On march 27, ram charan turned 38 and was joined by family and friends to celebrate. He threw himself a star-studded birthday party in Hyderabad. ram charan and upasana posed for photos at the location, and it was the first time the latter was seen showing off her pregnancy. For those who don't know, upasana is five and a half months along with her pregnancy and will give birth to a child in india later this year.

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