With the new addition of renowned hollywood technicians like Kenny Bates to the crew, koratala Siva's ntr 30 is coming along nicely. The grand opening of the movie last week brought much-needed solace to ntr fans, and now all eyes are on koratala siva and how he completes this enormous undertaking.

Coming to the project, it seems that koratala siva is once again taking a huge risk, whether it is faith in the topic of the film or a need to prove something. He is clearly very interested in and involved in the film industry. This is in spite of the fact that bharat ane nenu suffered losses when he decided to participate in the Nizam company and lost some money. In addition to that, he also had a disagreement with dil raju because he believed the director and distributor purposely displayed lower numbers for the movie.

Acharya has dealt koratala siva a much bigger blow than bharat ane nenu, which was still a success but not a major blow. Acharya's disastrous run left the director deeply in debt, and it seemed that he would now only concentrate on directorial projects. But now he is also doing the same for NTR30. He works in the film industry and chooses a collaboration in the area rights over a cash payment.

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