In terms of success percentage, trivikram srinivas is one of the top three tollywood directors. He has recently faced criticism on social media for arranging tasks for Pawan Kalyan. He is engaged in Bheemla Nayak, #PKSDT, and Vakeel Saab. He is providing the lines and the screenplay for #PKSDT. trivikram occasionally receives criticism for initiating initiatives and collaborating on other movies. In the event that such initiatives are not well received by the audience, trivikram is also held accountable.

He is being criticised for engaging in activities and undertaking initiatives that are outside of his purview. trivikram presents initiatives that will work with Pawan Kalyan's current outlook and schedule because he has a thorough understanding of him. At the end of the day, pawan kalyan is always the one who makes the final choice. It's not like trivikram micromanages those movies on location so he can take the fall if they don't work.

However, this critique is wholly unjustified. Sukumar, for instance, uses his sukumar Writings to carry out comparable activities. Similar to trivikram, he organises initiatives and participates in their writing. But hardly anyone is heard criticising Sukumar. The newest project from sukumar Writings, 18 Pages, was a commercial failure. sukumar is the film's author. Nobody is jeering sukumar in our view. Even though the director maintains a low profile, trivikram is the only one to receive this unfair special treatment.

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