Rarely do we see actresses engage in various businesses in order to increase their financial gains. Because the accounts of savitri and Sridevi, who invested millions of their hard-earned rupees only to lose them all, are well-known here. samantha Ruth Prabhu has just arrived. She has decided to expand her territory and she acts as per the proverb, Make Hay while the sun Shines.

Samantha has already launched a successful apparel e-commerce company called Saaki. She then made an investment in a Hyderabad-based idea school for children. Additionally, there are rumours that she invested in a terrace garden company where they produce vegetables organically, losing the money she spent. The beautiful siren most recently made an investment in a superfoods company. The business claimed that samantha was initially a client and is now a partner and investor. She is currently preoccupied with sending her friends in the telugu film industry goods from this company.

People like kajal aggarwal and tamannaah began jewellery businesses online but quickly closed them down. samantha invests in many different businesses, and the majority of them are presently doing well. Of course, her exceptional performance in economics during her time in college in chennai speaks for itself.

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