Sukumar is regarded as one of Tollywood's most innovative and well-liked filmmakers. His movies have never lacked rationale and have always been original and inventive. (basic). Additionally, his former assistants are now having a significant impact in Tollywood. One of Sukumar's assistant filmmakers, Buchi Babu Sana, produced the massive blockbuster Uppena in 2021. Even though the movie had some problems, particularly in the second half, Buchi Babu Sana's presence was made clear.

Now srikanth Odela, another team member who briefly collaborated with Sukumar, has created a winner in the shape of Dasara. It's difficult to build up a rough and rustic tale, but srikanth has skillfully done so by skillfully establishing the village setting (Veerlapally), the lively characters, and their lives. He engages the viewers in the world he has made.

The intensity with which srikanth tells his tale is palpable throughout. His skill as a director was evident in the way he handled the intermission episode and the conclusion. It is fair to say that srikanth Odela is a director to keep an eye on in the future, despite a few rough spots that require some corrections. In terms of artistic finesse, he actually displayed more dynamism in dasara than even Buchi Babu sana did in Uppena.

At present Buchi Babu sana was given the opportunity to helm ram Charan's upcoming film. After dasara, which is likely to be a success, we must wait to see which star and what kinds of projects srikanth Odela will sign. But only time will reveal how big of a success it will be.

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