One of the most profitable sources of income for telugu films before was movie Pass. Since the telugu people used the subscription to view practically every important film, many telugu films profited from it. But the operations were disastrous and it went bankrupt under the new management. Fast forward to the present day, and movie Pass is back, but not with the ideal pricing of $9.99 a month with one film every day.

The new movie Pass pricing and concept ranges from $10 per month for 1-3 films per month to $40 per month for up to 30 films per month. In the United States, 4000 movie theatres, including Cinemark, AMC, and Regal, accept the new movie Pass. The telugu community may not be as supportive this time around, though, as the majority of them have independent subscriptions at prestigious theatres like Regal and Cinemark, depending on their location.

In the past, movie Pass functioned as an inexpensive all-you-can-eat buffet. It isn't quite the ideal set, though, due to the new price structure and associated limitations. The Desis may perhaps decide to skip it this time. Stay tuned for More Updates.

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