They claim that when SS rajamouli becomes enraged, he flings the "microphone" in his palm against the ground while onlookers watch it shatter into pieces. In a similar vein, the gifted composer ss thaman is currently alleging that he is breaking 'keyboards' while creating music for a specific hero.

During a tv show, Thaman said allu arjun, the star hero, that he actually smashes several keyboards while writing the music for the giant hero's films. Although he hasn't clearly clarified whether he breaks keyboards when he gets inspired or out of annoyance that he can only deliver superhit songs and background music, Allu Arjun's response made everyone giggle. When bunny made a joke about Thaman destroying drums for other films, Thaman started to giggle.

Of course, the excellent composer obtained some drum instruments from other states for films like akhanda and Bheemla Nayak, and when he tried to generate powerful sound, they broke. But it's unclear how much of the rumor—which only he could fully explain—that he's smashing keyboards when composing the music for Allu Arjun's movies is true.

Music director Thaman is on a roll and seizing every opportunity that presents itself, whether it leads to success or disaster. He has been hoping for a breakthrough with a popular music record that appeals to people all over India, though. ram charan and filmmaker Shankar's highly awaited film "Game Changer," which is planned for a national release, has Thaman very busy. It's interesting that Thaman passed up the chance to work with prabhas on one of the projects.

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