Thaman scored a number of hits before ascending to the top position of music directors in telugu cinema. He was unable to give his best performance in recent years due to a mad rush of his signed flicks. There was a discussion on Mahesh Babu's dissatisfaction with Thaman's performance in Sarkaru Vaari Paata. Fans of Superstar openly criticised Thaman for his subpar background evaluation. Mahesh reportedly wanted Trivikram to replace Thaman, but the senior director persuaded Mahesh otherwise. On the sets and on their international excursions, Thaman was also seen forming close bonds with the group.

There have been persistent rumours for the past few days that Thaman from SSMB28 has been replaced. The score for the title peek, which will be released on May 31st, was written by Thaman. He flew to the united states and will shortly return. Despite widespread rumours, the SSMB28 crew remained mum on Thaman and his efforts. A resolution is anticipated on May 31.

According to reports, Mahesh wants Thaman to be removed, and talks are currently taking place. The movie's subsequent schedule will begin on june 7 in Hyderabad. The name for this big-budget comedy is guntur Kaaram. The lead actresses are pooja hegde and sree Leela, and Haarika and Hassine Creations are the film's producers. The movie is scheduled for release on Sankranthi in 2024.

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