Many people are truly shocked by the launch of "V Mega Pictures" and the unveiling of their film, Nikhi's The india House. people have been criticizing Global Star ram charan for his most recent political involvement ever since the first look poster of the movie was out, even though nothing of the like is apparent there. This is how the conversation goes.

The tale centres on the life and times of Maharashtrian freedom warrior Veer Savarkar, whose opinions on india and the freedom struggle are frequently disputed. The first surprise is that rrr star ram charan has founded a production company to develop a film with Nikhil in the lead. The rest of the congress and other parties always distance themselves from him, even though the bjp supports him. Additionally, because the movie was revealed on the day of Savarkar's birthday, the same day that India's new parliament was opened, international actor ram charan is now under intense criticism.

Megastar chiru allegedly had a tight relationship with bjp leaders a long time ago and frequently interacted with prime minister Narendra Modi. At the same time, chiru traveled with Charan to see Modi after rrr won the Oscar. At the same time, Pawan Kalyan, who has always been close to the bjp, recently hailed the new parliament. They claim that even Charan has teamed up with Modi to produce this propaganda movie, which aims to elevate Savarkar to national prominence and a pivotal figure in the liberation struggle.

According to historians, Savarkar is not as outstanding as gandhiji and Nehru. people would undoubtedly assume that even Charan joined the BJP-supporting group because of the movie's co-production with abhishek Aggarwal, the financier behind "The kashmir Files," in order to elevate this Marathi independence hero to a matter of national significance.

However, unbiased moviegoers believe that 'The india House' should not be referred to as a propaganda film at this point because it is unclear what the film is about. Only the first trailer has been made available; only after seeing the full movie can we draw any conclusions. Keep checking back for further developments.

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