Most female A-listers work on films for free..!!Who said?

Priyanka Chopra recently highlighted pay equity in bollywood in a video that kangana ranaut responded to instagram stories. According to kangana, who asserted that she was the first performer to push for wage parity in the profession, many female actors continue to perform for no money. She added that she is the only bollywood actress who receives the same compensation as male performers. priyanka Chopra's video was shared by kangana ranaut on her instagram Stories, along with a message in the caption.

Kangana stated in her account that the majority of actresses before her had merely come to terms with the patriarchal standards that were prevalent in the field. She asserted that she was the first to call attention to the pay gap and disclosed that, while she was negotiating for parts, her contemporaries offered to work on the same projects for free. According to kangana, many A-list actresses continue to perform favours and work for free out of concern that the ideal opportunities will go to someone else. She also criticised actresses who, while indulging in such actions, cunningly publish articles claiming to be the highest-paid.

According to kangana, she is the only female actor in the movie business who is paid equally to male performers. "In the movie business, everyone knows that I only get paid like male actors and nobody else," she stated. 

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