In less than two weeks, the movie Adipurush will be released, and already there has been a weird and unexpected twist involving the movie's publicity campaign. It appears that the main actors and staff have chosen against aggressively promoting the movie. There won't be many advertising interviews in all indian languages, according to sources. According to rumours, the team will publish one or two common interviews for all languages. In addition, there won't be many city visits, as compared to aggressive pan-Indian tours.

The team reportedly worries about contentious inquiries about how the Ramayan is presented and the stories of Ram, Sita, and Raavan. The looks of Ravan in the teaser, which sparked criticism from all sides, could be motivating them. It appears that they have opted to avoid engaging with the media much. One of the oddest things is declining marketing out of concern for potentially contentious media queries, especially in the case of a movie like Adipurush.

The team's tactics would be suspect if they genuinely restricted promotions for this reason. Adipurush needs extensive marketing to generate excitement before its release. Failure to complete this extremely important step might have negative effects. But for the time being, we'll just have to wait and watch if prabhas and company really do decide to stop the advertising or not.

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