The 16th of this month marks the theatrical debut of Prabahs' legendary action epic Adipurush, and the stakes are quite high. In relation to the subject, there is a fresh debate on social media about Adipurush. However, it is not very credible. The main character in the movie, Kriti Sanon, who plays Sita Devi, is the subject of criticism.

Some fans of bollywood film claim that Kriti is unsuited to assume the character of Sita Devi. They are using the same justification, citing her most recent filmography. "Kriti has performed in several glamour-bomb roles and flesh displays. Her item tunes are well known. She may be a wonderful person in real life, but her filmography contradicts the role of the saintly Sita Devi, a netizen said.

Although Kriti may be a good girl in real life, her dance moves in bollywood films are absolutely offensive. The devout Sita, who Hindus revere as their mother, should not have been played by that person. Added another online user. To further their argument, they're even posting pictures of Kriti wearing these scanty ensembles. But this is a primitive outlook. An actor must take on a variety of roles. For nearly all bollywood actresses, performing hot songs is a need, and Kriti is no exception. She shouldn't be assessed by her other films, but rather by how well she performed in Adipurush.

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