Sai Dharam Tej, a well-known actor in Tollywood, has a close buddy and manager by the name of Satish. With Tej's assistance, Satish, who had previously spent ten to twelve years as a software developer, made the switch to management. He also accepted the post of production manager.

Satish has developed relationships inside the industry and is actively involved in promoting films, as seen by his considerable contribution to the "Virupaksha" film's promotion. His achievements in this area have been recognised by several cinema superstars. Tej, who initially had difficulties succeeding, has now cemented a solid position in the market. Films like "Chitralahari," "Solo Batuke So Betteru," "Pratiroju Pandage," and "Republic" have become incredibly well-liked. His movie "Virupaksha" even joined the exclusive 100 crore club.

These accomplishments, including narrative selection, project selection, production management, and successful PR, would not have been possible without Satish's assistance. However, reports claim that Satish's rising popularity has raised caste-related concerns for certain people inside the Mega Camp. Reliable sources claim that the situation may be affected by caste-related factors. Despite Satish's concerns, sai dharam tej is said to have hired a post-production worker from the Mega Camp.

According to reports, Tej insisted that it was his choice, and Satish opted to leave his managing position as a result. Then, during a shot, Tej appeared to have yelled at Satish and told him not to reveal his face again. After this occurrence, Tej gave a cousin who lives in the geetha complex responsibility for his films. It's interesting how soon after pawan kalyan removed Sarath Marar, who was in charge of his affairs, this occurrence occurred, reviving interest in big managers.

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