At a celebration the other day, veteran actor kota srinivasa rao made some critical comments about Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. The elder actor stirred up a hornet's nest as PK's admirers are fuming guns on him, even though he didn't use his name explicitly when he said that it is shameful that today's heroes are openly proclaiming that they are receiving $2 lakhs each day.

Naturally, pawan kalyan is paying taxes correctly, so he doesn't need to worry about saying that his daily payment is $2 crores or anything like. This raises the question of what Kota Srinivasa Rao's issue is in this situation. If pawan kalyan signed a non-disclosure agreement with his producer revealing the remuneration, they will take legal action if he takes a particular sum and claims it is his own property. Kota is over 75 years old, and it is likely that he is losing his generational perspective on the appropriate and inappropriate topics for conversation. His statements don't amount to something that might be taken seriously.

Fans may believe that kota srinivasa rao, a veteran actor, has lost their respect as a result of the comments he is making, but that is just the way he is. The senior actor has taken potshots at numerous people over the last ten years. The best course of action is to ignore him and move on rather than listening to his comments and trashing him onSocial media.

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