Will the Famous director return the advance..!?

Parasuram Petla is one of the directors who is becoming a hot topic in the telugu film industry in recent times. This is not because of the films he has made or is making. The talk is that this director has given a hand to many producers. Along with this, big producers like allu aravind indirectly criticized him in a recent event. Actually, parasuram took an advance to do a film with naga chaitanya or tamil star karthi under Petla 14 Reels banner. In this, Chaitu's movie was stopped due to unavoidable reasons. So even if he wanted to do a film with karthi, he said that he would give him dates from november to January. There was a talk that Parashuram had given his hand to this banner.
As Parashuram left the company, he paid a lump sum. The talk is going viral that there is a demand to return up to 14.50 crores. Now it is known that 14 Reels has demanded a partnership in the film he is doing with vijay deverakonda as the hero under the dil raju banner. But there was also a campaign that dil raju was not willing for this. With this, Parashuram is looking to return its advance and make a settlement.
 Rs. 7 crores interest given to naga Chaitanya. Rs. 1.50 crores along with the advance, making a total of Rs. 14.50 crores for 14 reels is being demanded from the said production. There needs to be clarity in this regard as well. Some of the amounts to be returned are the dil Raju-Vijay devarakonda film remuneration, while the rest is his own money. news is now becoming a hot topic in tollywood that Parashuram wants to return Petla Advance to 14 Reels company. But did he give a mere commitment to geetha Arts? Have you taken an advance? That has become suspense. If the advance is taken, will it be returned to them as well? Or? That should be seen. All in all, Parashuram is looking to get out of this mess as soon as possible. But taking an advance and giving it back is rare in the industry. If possible, another project will be given, but there are a few cases where old advances are returned. No loss to the producer. Let's see what happens in their case.

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