There is no denying that malaika arora is among the sexiest and fittest ladies in Bollywood. To highlight how fit she is at that age, Maliaka's name is usually always followed by the number '49' in references to her seductive appearances and picture sessions. However, a surprise viral video claims that Malaika's claimed age of 49 is untrue and that she is actually considerably older!
The actress admits in a video from the time when sajid khan questioned malaika and arbaaz khan (then-wife and husband), that she is two years older than Arbaaz Khan. Arbaaz is two years younger than her, and she chuckles and says, "I guess its... "acha lagta hai" various people on social media are wondering how Malaika's age is 49 but Arbaaz Khan's age, according to various accessible sources, should be 57.

Malaika appears to be 57 years old, despite her Wiki page listing her as 8 years younger. In fact, many are praising her even more right now since, despite being 57 years old, she seems gorgeous and believable for a lady of 49. Let's hope she opens about her real age soon in some upcoming interview or any live tv shows. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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