The last stage of Adipurush, Prabhas' high-profile film, has begun. In just a few days, the movie will be shown in theatres all around the world. The paperwork for Adipurush have been completed, and it has received a U certificate. Now, simply the movie's theatrical release is required. There is a catch, though. The visual presentation of the characters, their appearances, and—more importantly—the VFX visuals were questioned in the teasers and trailer.

From a merit perspective, everyone is familiar with the Ramayan epic, and Adipurush has nothing novel to add to the narrative. The visual optic is therefore the key element in this case. After viewing the advertising material, there are some questions regarding the characters' appearances and the quality of the VFX, but the same box will need to be checked if Adipurush is to connect with the public.

Since the plot of Adipurush is already well known and its only distinguishing features are the aforementioned ones, this raises the largest question regarding how the public would react to it. Will this uncertainty grow into strength? On june 16, we shall find out. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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