Even well-known celebrity couples experience the standard issues with marriage. Numerous times, these famous couples have also chosen to dissolve their union. The marriage of Bollywood's A-list stars deepika padukone and ranveer singh is currently the talk of the town. Deepika's social media activities has increased scepticism in relation to these rumours. Now that a social media post has gone viral, deepika has liked it.

When you're in a relationship, you assume it will continue forever, deepika liked an instagram post that said. However, in actuality, it only lasts while you're working for it. It collapses if one individual quits contributing. Deepika's like of a post on a failing relationship has become a topic of conversation. There are already comments from bollywood fans saying that deepika and Ranveer are not getting along.

However, it should be remembered that this is not definitive. It's possible that deepika was inspired by a post about one of her previous relationships. Another group of netizens believe that it is improper to draw conclusions and make assumptions about her present marriage at this point. Various assumptions are being made by bollywood tabloids as well. watch out this space for more updates.

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