Demand for Lip lock scenes with pooja Hegde..!?

Pooja Hegde's career has been very strange. Her career started with two flops and almost everyone called her iron leg. But Duvvada Jagannatham with allu arjun directed by harish shankar brought her super craze. Ammadu, who invented the pulse of how the audience wants to see her, started to get agitated. Thus, by receiving successive star chances, she increased her career aggressively. pooja hegde who has acted with all the stars in tollywood has become more popular with their movies. In pooja cinema, Ammadu Star continued her super form with the craze in the Glamor Treat. But sometimes it is difficult to get lucky and that's why some of Ammadu's movies were super hits while others were flops. However, it can be said that Pooja's career has not slowed down.
In the meantime, four or five flops have been sold in a row. Doubts are raging about whether pooja will get a chance at this time. But only the Mahesh trivikram combination movie came out. At a time when tollywood thought that she had taken the light, another lucky chance also arrived in her account. pooja hegde has been selected as the heroine in the film starring rowdy star Vijay Deverakonda. It can be said that doing a film with Vijay is a dream for today's heroines. heroine roles in his movies have such a craze. As pooja and Vijay film, the expectations of the fans have increased. Not the same, rowdy fans are demanding that pooja and VD have intense kisses in this movie.
Rowdy hero movie means lip lock is compulsory. Fans want Vijay to have lip lock with pooja Baby in this movie. So far the basket doll has locked lips with Akhil. But the lip lock with Vijay wants to be on a different level. Like a movie with Vijay Deverakonda, the youth audience will definitely expect some interesting scenes in the movie. Let's see what range they are. Vijay Devarakonda, who had a Geeta Govindam hit with Parashuram, is repeating that hit combo.

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