Most of the money came to india from indians living abroad!!!

In the last few years, the amount of money sent by people living abroad to their home country has increased significantly. In the year 2000, this amount was 128 billion dollars, which will increase to 831 billion dollars in 2022. The money or goods that people living in other countries send to their family or relatives are called international Remittances.

According to the data of 2022, india, Mexico, China, Philippines and Egypt are the countries where most money comes from outside. At the top of these is india, where more than $111 billion came in 2022. The thing to note is that india is the first country where remittances of more than 100 billion dollars have come. America is the country that sends the most money. In 2022, more than $79 billion of money went from America to other countries. After this comes saudi arabia ($39 billion), switzerland ($31.9 billion) and germany ($25.6 billion).

To which countries will most people migrate in the future?

It is difficult to understand to which countries people will migrate next. It depends on how much progress the country has made and how easy it is to live there. The passports of some countries are so strong that their citizens can visit 85% of the countries in the world without a visa. These countries are often the countries where people like to go. But, it is very difficult for people from countries where development has not yet taken place to go to other countries. Many times they are not even allowed to go legally. In such a situation, they are forced to try to go to other countries through illegal means.

Generally, living in europe is considered very good and people do not face many problems in going there. On the other hand, living in some countries in Africa and Asia is more difficult and people may be forced to move from there. Such countries need more help so that the lives of the people living there can improve.

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