Usually human desires are natural. Will those desires be fulfilled for everyone? That is, it is an unspeakable situation. If some desires are like a wish, then some wishes are sky high. Then our famous heroine also has a wish.

Young heroine Pragya jaiswal has mesmerized the audience with her beauty and acting. When it comes to her desire, there is a lot of hope for her to become a star heroine. Pragya jaiswal is also starring in the movie Akhanda starring the famous star hero Balakrishna.

It seems that she has high hopes for this huge project. So what is her role in this movie? How important is that role? When asked she answered like this.

Director boyapati Sreenu designed my character specially. He noticed the way I acted in other films. He wanted my look and body language to be different and fresh in this film. He worked very hard to create a unique character for me. Pragya jaiswal says that she will look in a new look.

The song "Adiga .. Adiga" released from Akhanda movie was shot very hard. My look in this song is also very shocking. There is also a good response. Anyway I am very happy that the first song released from this movie is my song. And this She said that if the film is a success, she will be lucky to become a star heroine soon

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