This day marks a year after sp balasubrahmanyam AKA SPB, the famous vocalist, passed away. On the first anniversary of his passing, admirers turned to social media to pay respect to him. Since early this morning, his passionate followers have already been surging the tag #SPBalasubrahmanyam on Twitter, tweeting their favourite tracks and chatting about SPB. After a protracted fight with Covid-19, SPB succumbed on september 25, 2020.

After his Covid-19 results of the test was positive. He sent a video message from the hospital on Facebook, claiming he will be returning soon. His health, however, worsened, and he was placed on a ventilator. sp balasubrahmanyam, a legendary vocalist, died on Sept 25, 2020, near a private hospital in Chennai. He was detected with Covid-19 and admitted to the hospital in august of 2020. Although he was confirmed free for the coronavirus, it had a detrimental impact on his lungs. SPB's lungs remained weak following the Covid-19 infection, although showing indications of recovery. He perished of lung failure after that. His son SP Charan notified the public on Sept 25 that his dad SPB had passed away. With complete state honours, he was cremated.

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