Tom Holland can be seen greeting his indian fans 'Namaste India' as he unveils the new trailer of his upcoming film 'Uncharted'.

Tom Holland is one of the most popular hollywood heroes in India. He rose to fame after his portrayal as spiderman in MCU, one of the most favorite superheroes across the world. He is acting in another spiderman film that is getting released this December.

Other than the spiderman film, he is also acting in an adventure film titled 'Uncharted'. The trailer of the movie was released yesterday. Interestingly, it has tom Holland addressing the fans as 'Namaste India'. The uncharted movie is based on the popular best-selling and critically appreciated video game series of the same name. 

The movie also stars Mark Wahlberg in its pivotal roles. The story is about Nathan a street smart setting out on a journey to find a treasure with his partner Sullivan. The movie is expected to have some high octane stunt sequences as the two go in a dangerous pursuit of finding the treasure while also tracking clues of Nathan's long lost brother. 

Uncharted is expected to release on february 18, 2022 in IMAX and 4DX in 4 langugaes, English, Hindi, tamil and Telugu. 

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