samantha Ruth Prabhu is a celebrity who is often in the news for posting inspirational words and statements on social networks. samantha inspires her instagram family to remain strong in the face of life's challenges time and time again. Following suit, the South queen lectured to fans about building strength and loving oneself first after coming up about her mental health difficulties.

To keep her admirers inspired, she shared two quotes from the well-known novel Big Panda and Tiny Dragon. "That tree has been through some tough times," Tiny Dragon said as one of them studied. 'Yes,' Big Panda responded, 'but it's still here, and it's grown stronger and more beautiful." "What if I encounter folks who don't like me or the stuff I do?" Tiny Dragon wondered in another quote. 'You must forge your own way,' Big Panda replied. 'It's better to give up them than to lose oneself,' says the narrator.

In this case, one of the Adults Only facebook Page and instagram Account has shared, Samantha's Item Song screenshots and shared a vulgar meme on her and that has gone viral instantly on several social media networks. It doesn't matter what samantha is trying to be, she is clearly being labeled as a seductress by the netizens and this meme is just one more proof.

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