Konda Polam, directed by Panja Vaishnav Tej, has achieved a feat on television. The film's World television Premiere was just broadcast on Star Maa, and it received rave reviews. In U+R, Konda Polam received 12.34 Urban TVR Ratings and 10.54 TVR Ratings. These are fantastic figures. This is true even after the film has been released on amazon Prime Video.

Uppena, Vaishnav Tej's earlier film, also received rave reviews. The star seemed to be approaching the family audience. Konda Polam, directed by krish and produced by First Frame Entertainments, features a unique setting. rakul preet singh has been outspoken about her desire to eat healthier foods. In an era when many people avoid carbohydrates in order to reduce weight, the actor ensures that her food has enough carbohydrates to keep her energy levels up.

It was therefore unsurprising to find rakul eating khichdi. The performer's initial post was re-shared on instagram Stories by her dietician Munmun Ganeriwal. carbs, in addition to fueling the body, also nourish the brain, according to the expert. "Have you ever wondered why a bowl of khichdi makes you feel so full? carbs increase our mood by promoting the creation of serotonin, the happy hormone. It's sad that carbs have been demonised and labelled as fattening in recent years. carbs aren't all created equal.

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