Of course, KGF: Chapter 2 is a bigger box office success than "RRR" when it comes to revenue. However, the movie hasn't received recognition on a global scale like Baahubali and rrr have. And the question at hand is: Why would viewers identify with characters and objects in a typical commercial movie? The collectibles are usually a common thing in hollywood as we saw several bubble heads and funko pop stuff.

The kgf team has now released a product, just like the Baahubali team who have already released movie-related items like T-shirts and caps with the character names and faces of Baahubali printed on each of them. These are merely collectible statues from the film, including rocky Bhai's statue as well as his hammer, bike, rifle, and other accessories. These sculptures are suitable for use as decorative tabletops.

Will children and adults buy the statues of the characters from the kgf movies and some weaponry from online stores, despite the fact that these collectibles typically enjoy big sales when they are associated with superhero characters like the Avengers or other notable figures? Selling items for a movie with such a massive following might not be the best idea given the genre it falls under.

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