A superstar recently had a birthday celebration at his freshly acquired opulent bar in Hyderabad, despite the fact that he has no connection to the film business. A famous anchor who is well-known in telugu states for her glamorous style is one of the party's well-liked attendees. The anchor is known for dressing in a sensuous manner and she always attract cameras and eyeballs of guys at various parties.

This stunner, who is well known for her wild partying ways, is alleged to have lost her mind at the party after taking a few pegs. The whole guest list at the event is alleged to have been stunned by her out-of-control, irrational behaviour. She never gave them an opportunity, despite some of her friends' attempts to get her back in the line, according to some spectators.

On the other hand, despite the fact that these kinds of incidents are rather frequent at all parties, large and small, allegations are surfacing that some of the anchor's detractors have allegedly been heavily advertising her actions through whatsapp groups. Other tollywood partygoers who enjoy themselves at parties believe that having fun is OK since it gives the busiest person in the industry a chance to unwind.

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