This youthful hero made a name for himself despite copying actors like pawan kalyan and Raviteja from the start of his career. He recently attempted to write commercial masala content but failed miserably. But he also believes that his future film, which has a blockbuster director, will be a huge success.

According to rumours, the young hero is heavily involved in the project's screenplay and requests specific types of sequences from his director. Due to the hero's insistence that the director include numerous woodland sequences, including battles and songs, the movie will have a strong pushpa feel, according to some sources. There are these kinds of heroes who want to rehash same plotlines and action sequences every time a big blockbuster debuts in Tollywood, believing that viewers only enjoy that stuff.

The producer of this movie allegedly objects to the director's willingness to do the hero's bidding, which is another reason why the movie hasn't yet found its audience. Through Ramarao On Duty, we've already seen what happens when the same story of pushpa and his sandalwood scandal is told from several angles, and that doesn't appeal to movie enthusiasts. The youthful hero might therefore reconsider copying pushpa in order to succeed.

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